Terms & Conditions

Procedures & Terms of Registration

  1. The Enquiry Form should be Filled in the prescribe format only.
  2. Total service charges shall be paid at the time of submitting the duly Registration Form.
  3. The amount paid towards the service charges is refundable according to annexure enclosed in the MOU.
  4. The amount paid as towards the service charge is non transferable under any circumstances.
  5. The amount paid as service charge is valid for the period of one year from the date of registration.
  6. Refund amount shall be  remitted within 30  days of notice   period from  the  date  of submission or  duly  Filled cancellation form subject to onwards admission process not being commenced. If onwards admission process has commenced, then refund will be processed as per the terms mention in MOU
  7. The budget mentioned in the  registration is an  approximate amount, excluding tuitions fees  of the  University / College.
  8. JustGetAdmission does not permit / authorize any of its employee or counselor or agent to receive CASH on behalf of the company from any client, student or parents
  9. For any payment made either by cheque, D.D, NEFT,  RTGS  or any  other  mode  of payment is shall  be the  client preview to ensure that  they receive an original o?cial  receipt from JustGetAdmission.
  10. JustGetAdmission  will not be held responsible and liable in the case of  any damage or loss caused by any third party(educational institution / colleges/ university) or any unauthorized persons to the student, parents and clients.
  1. JustGetAdmission not  provide any  kind  of guarantee/ assurance of admission from  the  third  party  (educational institution / colleges/ university) as it is merely acting as facilitator between the third party and client.
  2. JustGetAdmission does  not take a responsibility for the payment of tuition fees on behalf  of the student after securing admission with concerned education institution/ college/ university. It shall also not be held responsible for any kind of refund from the third party to the student/ guardian
  3. JustGetAdmission does not take any responsibility for any expenses incurred during travel, stay and other out of pocket expenses for the visit  recommended to the third  party  premises (Educational institution / colleges/ university).
  4. JustGetAdmission does not provide any assistance in securing education loan or any kind of ?nancial assistance.
  5. The Financial transaction in case of refund request , including of service charge , shall be deposited in the account as per bank account details Given by client/ student/ parent .
  6. Refund cannot be claimed if service is provided by Just Get Admission in the college
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